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What Would You Do?

What would you do if you lost everyone who loved you within a short span of time? What would you do if you had to spend every day scavenging for food? Imagine the grief and fear of these circumstances. Imagine coping with this as a small child! African children are facing these circumstances every day because their parents have died from AIDS.

Save a Child for a dollar per day

You Can Help

These children need food, medical care, schooling, and a place they can call home. They need love, care, and nurturing. People who will sponsor them in Jesus' name, and give them a secure future. People who will raise them in Christian homes and prepare them to be productive citizens of Zimbabwe.

Eden Children's Village has been created in Mhangura, Zimbabwe to assist children-at-risk in the Makonde District of Mashonaland West. It is a ministry of Goshen Christian Church in Goshen, Indiana. Eden Children's Village has been formed in partnership with Christians in Zimbabwe and the United States.